Tough is the life of Ace of the Future Ian Kennedy. First big league start he tosses a gem. Six strikeouts, five hits, two walks, and an ERA of 1.29. He wins his first major league start against the Tampa Bay Devil Rays, and in the process nets this author's fantasy team a few points in a much needed pitching category.
Kennedy is slated for another big start in the near future as well. No, not the fact that he'll be towing the rubber against the Royals Friday night, rather Kennedy is going to be on another type of incline. An alter.
Or is he?
Kennedy and his fiancee Allison Jaskowiak have an October 6th wedding date planned. Right smack in the middle of the American League playoffs. Granted its an off day, but try explaining to your future wife why Brian Cashman and George Steinbrenner replaced your Best Man and Flower Girl (respectively) at the last minute.
Simple solution, move the wedding back a bit, right?
Kennedy's lovely future battery mate plays college basketball, therefor complicating the picture a bit. The USC Guard/Forward is in her fifth season with the Trojans (the NCAA granted her the extra year) and her season begins November 11th in UC Santa Barbara. (FYI, Kennedy is a USC alum as well).
While everyone begins to speculate whether or not Kennedy will be able to attend his own wedding, (especially after NYY playoff hopes are looking brighter by the minute) none other than Joe Torre provides what has to be 108 Red Stitches quote of the week:

"I didn't get one of the invitations," he said. "We just hope his prospective wife is very understanding."

My question is, do they still need a wedding videographer?

(quotes courtesy of the Associated Press)