Once in a while, baseball fans are subject to moments that will change the game for ever. Recently, for better or worse, these fans have seen things that baseball's forefathers may have never dreamed of; Barry Bonds destroying the All-Time Home Run Record, the steroid scandal rocking the game to its core, a no hitter pitched by a cancer survivor, the list goes on.

Now, it seems, baseball fans will exhibit another change to the game; Instant Replay.

Baseball Officials have determined that human error, once considered to be a beautiful part of the game, is no longer going to be a factor in the game. Instant replay will now be used to determine "boundary home run calls".

It is with much displeasure that the staff here at 108 Red Stitches has come to accept the fact that technology has once again stuck its ugly head into America's Pastime.

We have only one comment to add, a suggestion per say. We're hoping that baseball puts more thought into the process and technology used to aid in the replays than they did when they began to install the QuesTec cameras throughout Major League Stadiums.