by Chris Lima
108 Red Stitches

Football season kicks off tonight with the defending Super Bowl Champion New York Giants taking on the Washington Redskins.

Many New Yorkers will turn to football as a way to drown out their lost hopes they held so dear for their New York Yankees. The last season at the Stadium, and the team can't even come close to adding one last page to its exalted history book.

While New Yorkers turn to football as a much needed distraction, they're going to miss the last and final Sign of the Apocalypse.

We here at 108 Red Stitches know a thing or two about the Apocalypse; our tag line is: One Blog in the Post Apocalyptic World of the New Home Run King. We're constantly on the lookout for signs of impending doom. And now, we're officially worried.

Whoever is in charge of the Apocalypse has skipped right over the frogs, nasty bugs, plagues, fire and brimstone, and sacrificing of firstborns. They've skipped right over to the Eighth and Final Sign: Boston Fans Routing for the Yankees.

My wonderful girlfriend pointed out to me yesterday that Mike Schweitzer, a lifelong Boston Red Sox fan, had indeed, posted on his Facebook wall this quote:

"Let's Go Yankees!"

After spitting out my cookie cake and milk, I sprayed us and the surrounding area with Holy Water and grabbed the only set of Rosary Beads I could find. This was surely the end.

I never thought I would live to see the day that a die hard Red Sox fan would be cheering for the Yankees, until I realized that, if the Bombers beat the Rays, the BoSox would move closer towards first place in the AL East.

After sadly realizing that all that is left for my beloved Yanks is a role they haven't played in almost two decades (spoilers), only one thought remained in my head.

"Let's Go Rays".