According to an News Services report, the Yankees have increased their offer to free agent lefty, CC Sabathia, and are close to acquiring his John Hancock:

Sources told ESPN The Magazine's Buster Olney the deal offered by the Yankees is now worth $160 million over seven years -- the most money ever paid a pitcher in major league history. The team had originally offered six years and $140 million.

While a deal is not yet done, a source told's Jayson Stark there are "zero major road blocks" that would prevent the Yankees from reaching agreement with Sabathia. Not all terms of the deal are agreed to yet, the source indicated. Sabathia also would need to take a physical.

The CC deal for the Bombers has been an "on again, off again saga for the Yanks" as their contract offer turned one month old yesterday. There had been reports that the Giants were set to sign the lefty and multiple reports that CC was going to be a Dodger.

If the signing actually takes place, the Yankees would have acquired their main offseason target and can now look to adding additional arms to solidify their shaky rotation.