Midway through the 2009 Spring Training season we're starting to see some significant bumps and bruises piling up around the league.

Whether its because of the World Baseball Classic, poor offseason conditioning, or players trying to work the winter kinks out of their system, some big names are starting to show up on the benches;

A-Rod; in case you missed it. Hip surgery. Out til May. Moving on.

Cole Hamels is experiencing tightness in his pitching elbow, and may not be the World F*cking Champs opening day starter this season.

Brewers closer Trevor Hoffman has been sidelined thanks to a strain in his right side.

Manny's hammy is barking, causing Joe Torre to relegate his dread locked slugger to the bench.

Aaron Boone is going to have open heart surgery to correct a valve disorder. Not sure when or if he'll ever return to baseball. We're wishing him good luck and a speedy recovery.

Star outfielder Ryan Braun was pulled from the WBC thanks to aggravating his right rib cage.

Mariano Rivera threw for the first time this season and looked good.