Wake up, rub eyes, open laptop, log onto ESPN.com, search for glasses, rub eyes again (this time in disbelief; Swisher can't be doing that bad again...).

Such is the morning routine of this 108 Red Stitches contributing author. If ESPN.com is void of any interest, I'll mosey on over to Rotowire.com, or if I'm looking for propaganda articles, I'll click over to MLB.com.

Not anymore. I'm a proud, card-carrying member of the best sports site you may have never heard of.


For the record, I am not getting any compensation for writing this, there's no tricky links in this post that will benefit myself if you click on them. This is a simple, Grade-A, wholesome, genuine, perfectly legit, good-old recommendation.

This site is a blend of facebook, myspace, vegas gambling sites (without the money transactions), and youtube, all designed for the sports fan in mind.

Crowdpicks.com advertises itself as the only sports website where you'll have to prove your worth.

Oh, is it worth it.

Members consistently comment on articles that you write or post (there's a blogging feature and a news story linking feature) and you can even embed youtube videos for others to watch.

There is a profit sharing system in place, similar to Revver.com's, but in my honest opinion, the money making aspect to the site is the least of all the features.

You can try to predict game day scores, and you're given trophies to display on your homepage if you become a successful member of crowdpicks.com. They give you tools to promote yourself throughout the internet such as the snazzy looking crowdpick badge, located at the top right portion of this blog.

Fans on this site range from your everyday baseball fanatic to your lovable beer guzzling Nascar fans. There's even a section for the more refined golf addicts.

College sports, pro sports, you take your pick. Try out the site, you'll love it.