So, everyone has probably heard the rumblings through the grapevine; "If the game matters so much, why are we leaving the outcome to chance?"

TRANSLATION: If we're going to be wasting our time in an All-Star game that determines who has home field advantage in the World Series, why are we letting some dweeb influence the outcome?

I agree with that statement, and I'm proposing that the fan's should not be allowed to select players for the All-Star Game.

Why should baseball's BIGGEST GAME, the game that could help determine the outcome of the World Series, be influenced by a computer dork who hates his job and sits at his desk all day, with his 20 different email accounts, voting over and over and over for some washed up short stop that shouldn't be even playing the game on a regular basis, let alone in an All-Star Game.

Yeah Omar Vizquel, I was talking about you.

There are millions of dollars riding on the outcome of this single game. If the series goes to a full seven games, obviously the team with home field advantage will generate millions of more dollars in hot dog, beer, merchandise, parking, ticket, pretzel, (and if the game was ever held in Vegas; prostitution) revenue.

You want to leave that up to the fans to decide? What kind of business model are you running on?

Why should owners and players let the fans have their one last shred of dignity? Fans are overcharged, overcrowded, overweight, and over the CDC's recommended daily limit concerning searching the internet for random useless baseball trivia.

Don't trust the fans. They'll ruin everything.