Baseball is a great sport, it always has been. It's grown up with the country that adopted it; they've seen each other through thick and thin.

No, some might say, that both the country and the sport have become fat cats, arrogant brothers.

It's time for a change. Obama promises change for America, and I'm here to promise change for the game we love.

Starting with fines.

Not the typical fines for staying out late, throwing at a batter's head, or getting tossed for arguing balls and strikes. We're talking about performance based fines and compensation.

Bases loaded, bottom of the ninth, your team is up by three runs. The closers comes trotting out to throw water on the fire. He takes his warm up pitches, and you notice that the ball just isn't flying out of his hand, like normal.

The first pitch he throws towards home, lands 450 feet in the upper deck, for a walk off, game winning grand slam. The closer walks off the mound, only to find a clubhouse official waiting for him with an invoice totaling $25,000.

You're closer was docked for a poor performance.

On the other side of the field, after celebrating the walk of salami, the other team's clubhouse official is signing off on a check for $50,000. He hands it to the game's hero, who'll need it.

He was docked $10,000 the night before for his four errors.