Barry Bonds, don't get too comfortable holding onto your throne. The record is yours right now, but believe me, what happened last week should (and will) keep him up at night.

Jayson Tyner hit his first major league home run. And he's not stopping until he owns your "record".

Well, Jayson Tyner is probably one of the least likely candidates to surpass Bonds, once he retires. But here's a list of guys that will most likely (as Bonds has so eloquently put it) erase the Slugger from History Books.


1. A-Rod; No one has gotten to 500 hum dingers this quickly. Since this is one of the most obvious of choices, I'm not going to discuss much more.

2. Albert Pujols; Sweet swinging first-baseman has the ability to replicate his swing almost everytime he unloads on a pitch. Whether or not he can uncork on say, 600 more of them, might be another story.

Outside shot;

3. Ken Griffey, Jr; Feel good story of the century. "The Kid" passes "The Juice". Griffey is too far gone, and has lost precious plate appearances to nagging injuries. Nothing would bring baseball out of its darkest period than Griffey trotting the bases...

4. Sammy Sosa; Just hit #600, but that'll be the end of the line for Slammin Sammy. He's lost playing time to a younger group of Rangers, and isn't upset by the benching.

Snowball's Chance in Philly:

5. Ryan Howard; if only! Sweet swinging lefty, who embodies (as of 3:01, August 13, 2007) all that is good in baseball. Too bad his major league debut came during his mid twenties, robbing him of valuable at bats that guys like Pujols, A-Rod, and Griffey all had. Howard spent too much time in the minors to be a considerable threat to break Bond's "record".

Time will tell:

6. Prince Fielder: 23 years old, powerful young lefty who hits the ball a ton. Is tops in the NL in Homeruns and is only in his second season. He could be a dark horse if he stays healthy and plays 20+ years.