There's something seriously wrong with this first blog post. There's something seriously wrong with the title of the post. Something wrong with the photo to the right. No, its not the fact that baseball's "New Home Run King" is wearing drag or a wig, or is pretending that the nugget of a brain floating in his freakishly enlarged cranium can comprehend and process the words that are written on the paper he is holding.
There's something wrong with the way that Hank Aaron was trotted out on the San Fransisco scoreboard, congratulating Barry Bonds on passing his record.
In this crazed world of politically correct, where have (or why have) we gone wrong? I would have loved to see Hank Aaron appear on screen, look into the camera, and then remove his mic and walk away. Silence is always louder than words.
Throw the ball back.
You want something more historical than being the proud owner of the most coveted record in all of sports? Catch the ball, throw the ball back onto the field. Nothing would have made a bigger statement than a fan tossing an asterisk back onto the field.
Mahatma Gandhi once said “Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.”
There's nothing special about Bonds' assault on Aaron's record. Pushing a needle or swallowing a pill does not dictate success.
Someday the madness surrounding the past week will go away and it will be a footnote in the memories of our pastime.
That's what we have to look forward to. We need a way to pass the time, to get to the point in history, when Barry Bonds, Home Run King, is nothing but an asterisk.