A few days ago, former Major Leaguer Jose Offerman went ballistic with his lumber after being hit by a pitch. Offerman, playing for the Long Island Ducks, went after Bridgeport Bluefish pitcher Matt Beech, after being hit in the leg with a pitch. Offerman was eventually arrested after he was thrown out of the game, and bail was posted at $10,000.
This event brought back memories of another famous bat beating incident, none other than Juan Marichal's head bopping of LA Dodgers catcher, Johnny Roseboro.
Here at 108 Red Stitches, we thought it would be fun to compare both events. Here goes:

Fight Started Because.....

Offerman: Hit a homerun in his first at bat off of Beech, then was pegged in the leg in his next at bat.
Marichal: Thought Roseboro's throws back to the pitcher were coming a little to close to his noggin.
Advantage: Offerman. Physical evidence always outweighs mental issues.

Injuries Incurred:

Offerman: possibly broke Beech's finger and gave Bluefish catcher, John Nathans, concussion like symptoms.
Marichal: slammed Roseboro in the (unprotected head) and gave him a pretty gash that would require 14 stitches.
Advantage: Marichal. Nobody makes me bleed my own blood, nobody.


Offerman: arrested on two counts of second degree assault felony, bail posted at $10,000.
Marichal: fined $1,750 and suspended 9 games. Eventually sued (and settled out of court) by Roseboro.
Advantage: Offerman. Good luck getting that "felon" label taken away.

Eventual Outcome:

Offerman: case pending until August 23, when Jose must appear in court.
Marichal: would later become good friends with Roseboro, as the two would autograph the picture that make them famous.
Advantage: Marichal. Always loved a Hollywood Ending.

Cooler Photo:


Marichal:Advantage: Marichal. Black and White, SLR Photo. Ahh, the good old days.