We, like thousands of baseball fans who double as virtual General Managers, are anxiously awaiting the March 3rd release of 2K Sports 2008 Version of their baseball franchise. And, being good folks that deliver all aspects baseball news, we're glad to bring you some updates regarding its much anticipated release.
Here's the list of new features according to the 2K Sports Website, along with the occasional Red Stitches commentary:

Swing Stick 2.0 - Unparalleled ball-to-bat contact, unlimited variety of hit types and more realistic at bats with deeper Inside Edge™ integration.

Looking deeper into the site, there is an interview with the game's producer, Ben Brinkman. Brinkman explains that while they're excited about the Swing Stick 2.0 technology, gamers who are used to the old style of hitting can choose to remain playing with those custom settings.

More Signature Style™ - New and improved player walk-ups, batting stances, waggles, home run celebrations, step-ins and step-outs bring each player to life in true, 2K Sports fashion.

This feature is pretty amazing. We were able to see some video of the game in action, and we were blown away. Check out this clip of David Ortiz batting against Yankees ace Chien-Ming Wang. Everything is nailed down in this series, from the wind blowing (and uniforms shaking because of the weather) to Ortiz stepping out of the box and spitting on his batting gloves.

Total Pitch Control - A revolutionary right analog stick pitching system where right stick motions and timing determine pitch type, speed and accuracy.

Again, there might be a handful of gamers out there that don't want to have to become acrobats or use telekinesis powers to throw a strike. Reverting to last years settings takes care of that problem.

Precision Throw Control - Unlimited throw types and trajectories using real-world physics and Inside Edge™ data bring realism and variety to every defensive play on the field.

All-New Baserunning - Intuitive and simplified baserunning controls featuring overhauled AI now play a key role in offensive strategy.

Baserunning better take a step up, Jose Reyes is their cover boy.

Full Minor Leagues - 90 Minor League teams available in both Franchise and Exhibition modes, with over 20 authentic Minor League Stadiums and additional authentic Minor League Stadiums post ship via digital download.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! We're sick to death of having a Minor League System that is actually just a holding cell for players not on the 25 man roster.

2K Cards - Earn them, collect them, share them, and trade them. The most in-depth card trading system ever, taking the MLB 2K community to a new level.

Not exactly sure what's going on here.

2K Sports Online - Now with over 1 MILLION online gamers in the 2K community, go head-to-head against the best players on the planet.

Time to install a T1 line.

Best Booth in the Business - 2K Sports proudly brings back the duo Jon Miller and Hall of Famer Joe Morgan to the broadcast booth, delivering the deepest commentary available.

This is where we tend to shake our heads in disappointment with the folks at MLB 2K Sports. In our dream world, and this is almost borderline insanity, every team would have their own hometown announcer. Michael Kay for the Yankees, Jerry Remy for the Red Sox, and Will Ferrell doing his Harey Carey impersonation for the Cubs Fans.