So here's a common situation that many fantasy players find themselves in; It's late in the draft and you've spent a lot of money and draft picks on solidifying your rotation, lineup, and have a decent bullpen going. You look at your slots and notice that you need to pick up another outfielder, but since its so late in the draft, almost everyone is gone.

Let's take a look at some reasonable options that should be around late in the your draft:
(Players chosen are based on a 10 team league, with the top 80 players ranked by Fantasy Baseball Index removed from consideration).

Carlos Quentin; White Sox. Fully healthy coming into this season, Quentin, if given enough playing time, could blossom in Chicago. Living in a hitter's park could mean greater home run numbers for Quentin, which is unexpected in an outfielder chosen this late in the draft.

Josh Anderson, Braves. Twenty five years old, runs like the wind, covers ground like a cheetah. Might not have the best shot of cracking the opening day lineup, but with an aging Kotsay in centerfield, its only a matter of time before Anderson takes over. In an era where the running game seems to have disappeared, Anderson's 84 steals over the past two minor league seasons is exciting.

Endy Chavez, Mets. With the chance of Moises Alou out for an extended period, Alou owners might want to consider picking up Chavez until he returns. He's relatively cheap (suggested starting bid is $1) and has a major upside sitting in the Mets lineup.

Ryan Sweeney, Athletics. Dealt to Oakland in the Swisher deal, Sweeney had a rough Triple-A in Charlotte last year, but a change in scenery and a chance to play every day in the bigs can get a young guy going. He's not our favorite out of this group, but he's got a major, major upside if he cracks Oakland's lineup.