Here's a season line that would make you jumpy if you held a good draft slot in your fantasy league draft:

50 HRs, 119 RBIs, .288 BA, 35 Doubles, 109 Runs Scored, 90 walks, .618 Slugging %, and...oh what the heck, 2 Stolen Bases.

Fielder has hit 78 home runs in his first two full big league seasons. He's hitting in the heart of a potentially dangerous Brewers lineup and faces National League Central Rotations who are more likely to be
confused for their Stadium's grounds crew than they are for a major league pitching staff. So why are we concerned about Fielder this season?

Earlier in the year, Fielder announced that his diet changes included switching to an all vegan diet. This will likely increase his flexibility and give his knees a break from holding up that tummy of his. Next time you see a vegan, however, take a good look at them and figure out whether they can hit a baseball 500 feet, and repeat that action fifty times, for that matter.

We're really concerned with Fielder's latest newswire activity. No, not the flu, which
has kept him out of his remaining Spring Training. Fielder's issues stem from a bigger disease; egomania.

Take a look at this statement from Fielder, courtesy of Rotowire;

Fielder expressed displeasure with the new contract he signed with the Brewers on Sunday, the Associated Press reports.
Spin: "I'm not happy about it at all," Fielder said. "The fact I've had to be renewed two years in a row, I'm not happy about it because there's a lot of guys who have the same amount of time that I do who have done a lot less and are getting paid a lot more." Fielder is up for arbitration at the end of the season.

Does this sound like a guy who is going to give his all this season? Sure he's up for arbitration, but we don't tend to fall in love with arbitration eligible player like we love players who are in their contract year. Arbitration relies too heavily on other players at Fielder's position, who all produce similar numbers. Arbitration does not fuel a player like the prospect of winning free agency lotto.

If the Brewers are out of the playoff run by Mid-July, Fielder can either phone it in for the rest of the season, or try to pad his stats by swinging for the fences. Either way, his strikeout total will increase, as will his waistline once he realizes how bad tofu really tastes.