So here's a common situation that many fantasy players find themselves in; It's late in the draft and you've spent a lot of money and draft picks on solidifying your lineup, have a decent bullpen going, and your rotation is looking pretty. However you realize that you missed filling out your second base slot.

First, let us congratulate you on a wise draft so far. Unless you are in the position to draft Chase Utley or Robinson Cano, your top picks shouldn't be wasted on a position that hasn't produced big numbers since Alfonso Soriano lost his eligibility.

While our recent articles have given suggestions on who to take in your draft, we'd like
to start out by suggesting players to avoid.

Take Dustin Pedroia for instance. Post season heroics don't translate into season long success. Be careful not to overbid or draft Pedroia too much or too early. Fantasy players have long been known to react to hype machines, and Pedroia is such a machine.

While Fantasy Baseball Index lists Brendon Phillips as their #2 second basemen, we are urging all of our readers to stay far away from Phillips. Cincinnati is a totally different baseball team than last year, and Manager Baker scares us. Look for a significant drop in Phillips' numbers this season.

Let's take a look at some reasonable options that should be around late in the your draft:

Howie Kendrick, Angels. Don't be discouraged by his lack of power, after all, he did break his hand twice last season. If he can improve his strikeout/walk ratio, he's got a great chance to add 20 points to his already high .322 batting average. Be wary, he's not a producer when it comes to stolen bases, so if you need that statistic from a second baseman, pass on Kendrick.

Kelly Johnson, Braves. Drafting Johnson could pay off in two different ways. If he is slotted in the leadoff spot in the Braves lineup, He'll score a bunch of runs and might steal a base or two. If he's bumped down in the lineup, he'll have more RBI opportunities. Watch his progress in the spring, and then draft him (or not) based on his lineup position.