A while back we announced that we'd be partnering with the folks over at River Avenue News in a content sharing agreement. Exciting stuff right?

Well, hold onto your horses baseball fans, we've got two more sites to add to that ever growing network and a few big changes.

Announcing the New 108 Red Stitches: Baseball University.

Baseball University will be replacing 108 Red Stitches as the baseball news site of choice. We'll be running the site just as 108 Red Stitches was run, but it'll take over the day to day baseball news stories.

108 Red Stitches will become what it had originally set out to do; journalistic sarcasm at it's best. The new goal of this site will be to examine (socially, demographically, internally, sarcastically, and any other word that ends with "ally" that you can think of) the game of baseball and comment on the happenings in the sport (This will take into effect at the end of the 2009 Offseason).

Andrew Jones signs a new deal, read about it over at Baseball University.

Andrew Jones needs help finding a new diet plan, we'll have it here at 108 Red Stitches.

Announcing a new partnership with "Game of Baseball- When it Was a Game".

Cross site promotion is in order with this new up and coming site that details (as they say) the beauty of the game of baseball. The site is littered with quotes, poems, and little tid bits about the game of baseball, and will be chock full of beautiful photographs.