We continue or Fantasy Baseball analysis for the 2009 season with newly acquired outfielder/DH Pat Burrell of the AL Champion Tampa Bay Rays.

AL Champion Tampa Bay, it's going to take quite some time to get used to saying that.

Burrell represents a unique opportunity for Fantasy Team Owners this year, so without any more digressions, lets begin.

Pat Burrell: Burrell's rocky marriage to the Philadelphia Phillies finally came to an end this offseason, with the World Champs signing Raul Ibanez to take over in left field. Burrell's tenure with the Phils was one of highs and lows, with constant trade rumors swirling over his head. It's tough for a ballplayer to concentrate in that type of environment, so a new home might be a welcome sign for Burrell's career.

On the Field Factors: Burrell is likely to be slated to bat fifth or sixth in the Ray's lineup which will translate into a significant increase in RBI opportunities. Burrell only had 86 RBIs last season, but if you look at the RBI machines hitting in front of him (Utley, Howard) its easy to figure out why his production dropped in '08.

Insert Burrell into the Rays lineup and you've got a right handed power threat to compliment Carlos Pena. Teams will inevitably begin to pitch around Longoria and Pena, resulting in more offensive opportunities for Burrell. Lets not forget that Burrell, in the past three seasons, has put up some serious power numbers:

HR: 29/30/33
2B: 24/26/33
Hits: 119/121/134
SLUG: .502/.502/.507

Notice a trend? As Burrell is getting older, his numbers are getting better. Factor in increased rest due to manning the DH slot in the Rays lineup and we're looking at a potentially solid year.

Off the Field Factors: Burrell is leaving a semi-hostile environment in Philly, were slumps lasting longer than three games call for immediate expulsion from the roster. Rays media and fans are less volitile than Philly and would welcome Burrell's veteran experience to an extremely young roster.

Final Thoughts:

Burrell is likely to be around late in a lot of drafts due to the fact that his strikeout totals are scary to most fantasy owners. In deep leagues, Burrell is a no brainer, and if you can get him later on in the draft, say 10th-12th round, the rewards will significantly outweigh the risks.