Slow week so far in the wonderful world of baseball. After a stormy December that launched the Mitchell Report and a lackluster winter meeting, the New Year rings in with a big yawn.
Sure there's allegations of rampant steroid use in the Seattle clubhouse, but it's more of a cry for attention by a no-name, talentless, woah-is-me has been that never did anything with the time allotted to him.

Baseball Around the Country:

Clemens gets his chance to clear his name during an interview with 60 Minutes' Mike Wallace,
while New York Times writer, Murray Chass, talks strategy with Clemens' lawyer.

Scott Oslter of the San Fransisco Chronicle consults a psychic in an attempt to get a jump on 2008's top sports stories.

Clark Spencer writes about Florida's life after Miguel Cabrera.

Todd Wills of the Dallas Morning News spends some time with a fresh face from the Ranger farm system.