The staff here at 108 Red Stitches would like to congratulate Goose Gossage on his induction into the Baseball Hall of Fame.
We would also like to bitch slap everyone who still isn't in the "Don Mattingly for HoF Camp".
Goose finally gained entry into the Hall of Fame (his ninth attempt) and became only the fifth reliever to gain access to Cooperstown's hallowed halls. Goose received 86 per cent of the vote (one only needs 75 per cent to get elected).
Some speculate that Gossage's jump in votes may have been directly linked to the Performance Enhancing Cloud of Suspicion cast on the likes of Mark McGwire, David Justice, and (hehe) Chuck Knoblauch.
Jim Rice and Andre Dawson again fell short (72%/65%) but remain HoF eligible.
Goose's Career Stats:
Seasons: 22
Win/Loss Record: 124-107
Saves: 310
Strikeouts: 1502
ERA: 3.01

Gossage pitched for nine different franchises: White Sox, Yankees, Padres, Cubs, Giants, Rangers, Athletics, and the Mariners. He'll most likely go into the Hall wearing a Yankee cap.
ESPN's Rob Neyer writes that Goose deserves a shot at the hall. writer Thomas Harding covers Goose's reaction to a phone call from Jack O'Connell