Baseball's winter hasn't be anything more than a couple of flurries here and there, but if ESPN Sources are correct, we might be getting some major winter weather activity in the next day or so.

According to ESPN's Jerry Crasnik, the St. Louis Cardinals and the Toronto Blue Jays have agreed to (in principle) a trade that would swap franchise third basemen Scott Rolen and Troy Glaus.

Continuing their roster overhaul, the Oakland Athletics have agreed to ship aging center fielder Mark Kotsay to the Braves in exchange for twenty four year old pitcher Joey Devine. This is the third major trade for the Athletic organization, who are clearly writing off next season after trading Dan Haren and Nick Swisher earlier this winter.

The Brewers have a deal in place that will bring in veteran center fielder Mike Cameron. Cameron, however, will miss the first twenty five games of the upcoming season for violating baseball's drug testing guidelines.

And finally, the Tampa Bay Rays have asked permission to play a series against the Blue Jays at Disney. Early reports indicate that Mickey will not pitch, as he also has violated baseball's drug testing program.

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