Now that the parties are over and the New Year hangover is gone (for most of us), let's take a moment to relive some sports "highlights" of yester-year. Sure, most sites like ESPN and will hit you with highlights from the 2007 season, but here at 108 Red Stitches, we prefer to go back a little deeper.

Browsing around Baseball America's archived trade history list, we stumbled on this beauty of a headline:

Astro's Win Astacio Sweepsteaks


Scott Earlton goes to the Rockies, and the Astros pull one over the Rockies eyes.

Here's another one of our favorites:

Tiger, Padres Add Possible Regulars

Just in case you didn't click the link, that would be OF Gene Kingsdale and C Mike Rivera.

That's the type of trade that makes a GM famous.

Giants Come Away With Prized Starter Ponson


Happy New Year!
108 Red Stitches Writers.