Fallout from Roger Clemens' appearance on 60 Minutes continues, as Clemens files a defimation suit against his former trainer.

ESPN writer Buster Olney writes that no matter what, Clemens' name was in the Mitchell Report.

Clemens continues to maintain that the only things injected into this rocket, were lidocaine and B-12.

In other steroid news, former Sports Illustrated editor Don Yaeger takes a pass on co-authoring Jose Canseco's next tell all book. (Just a thought, can it still be considered a tell all? Wasn't his first book a tell-all? Shouldn't this be called a "Whoops, I forgot to mention a few things-all?)

Oakland's guys are wondering when their time in yellow and green is up.

Barry M. Bloom, MLB.com writer tries to figure out an ex-Yankee's chances of making the Hall of Fame.

Wondering what the Red Sox Nation is thinking of Roger Clemens?

Check out Mike Lupica's article on Clemens and prision life.

Oh yeah, and in cased you missed it, Andy Phillips signed with the Reds.