Just when you thought the circus might be over, baseball's two biggest numbnuts throw another clown into the ring.

According to the Associated Press and ESPN.com Barry Bonds and Jose Canseco are neck and neck in the race to become "Baseball's Biggest Loser". Bonds asks a Federal Judge to dismiss the perjury charges levied against him, while Canseco asks a Tiger for, well, basically he asks him for a bribe.

Canseco, according to a report filed by the FBI, asked Tigers outfielder Magglio Ordonez to invest in a movie project funded by Canseco. In exchange, Canseco said he would keep Ordonez's name out of his upcoming book, a sequel to his 2005 hit "Juiced".

Mags had this to say according to ESPN.com:

"I didn't want to press charges against him," Ordonez was quoted as saying. "I don't want any problems. He is probably desperate for money. I don't understand why he is trying to put people down."

Ordonez was not one of the players named in the Mitchell Report.

Continuing the ongoing drama between Bonds and the United States government, Bonds asked a federal judge to dismiss perjury charges against him Wednesday, arguing the indictment is "scattershot" and noted for its "striking inartfulness." (ESPN)

Bonds and his lawyers complained that the line of questioning was ambiguous, confusing, and too much for Bonds' over sized noggin to handle.