It's every baseball fan's biggest dream, their biggest nightmare,
their chance to be a baseball God.

Recently the Staff here at 108 Red Stitches was given the opportunity to draft a unique ball-club. Wii were told wii had a modest budget, and would be drafting for the expansion franchise, the Scranton Balls.

Wii were told, until our home field was finished for construction, that wii'd be playing in Yankee Stadium, and would be slotted in the American League West.

Yes we know, that's why we picked as our left handed reliever.
We had the first pick in the draft, and every major league team had to dump all of its players into the pool.
Here goes nothing:

With the First Pick of the Draft, the Scranton Balls Select:

*Ryan Howard*

What? Well, he was cheap, and after all we're playing in Yankee Stadium. That short porch in right is mighty tempting. He's young (technically), and his name hasn't even been mentioned in the same sentence as steroids (until now).

Rounding out the Infield:
Wii nabbed Chase Utley for second, Stephen Drew for short, picked up Hank Blalock late in the draft, Russell Martin and Chris Iannetta split time behind the plate, and David Ortiz bats fifth, as a DH.

So far so good. Now to the outfield.

Chris Duncan, Josh Hamilton, Jason Repko, and Alex Gordon (not an outfielder, but since wii're paying him, he plays where we put his ass).
It's not exactly the fasted outfield in the world, outside of Repko, which is potentially hazardous since we play in caverns for ballparks (AL West- Oakland, Anahiem, Seattle, and 81 games in Yankee Stadium).

That gapper looks a whole lot farther when you got rocks in your shoes.

Overall, its a very exciting lineup to trot out, a little heavy on the left hand hitters, but lucky for us, guys like Zito, Lilly, Pettite, and Willis all land up in the National League.

Pitching Staff:

Justin Verlander is our first pitcher chosen, followed quickly by Josh Beckett (everyone I'm drafting against has a drool cup nearby) and Cole Hamels. The rotation bottoms out with Jered Weaver and Tom Gorzelanny.
Outside of Hideki Okajima, our bullpen looks like a witness protection program.

To say wii're glad we drafted all those hitters is a gross understatement.

If you haven't figured out by now, wii were given the oppourtunity to play Baseball God
by the good folks over at Nintendo Wii, via MLB Power Pros.
Currently our team is winning the West; its a few games past the all star break and we're nine games up on the Mariners.

Ryan Howard has 84 dingers and David Ortiz has 87.

Wii're excited about the future of our franchise.