Tough day in the Tejada household. First, Houston Astro's shortstop learns that Congress has asked the Justice Department to investigate whether or not Tejada may have lied during a 2005 interview regarding Rafael Palmeiro's steroid case.

Next, he learns that his older brother Manuel Tejada died in a car crash.

According to Enrique Rojas, of ESPN Deportes;

"Freddy Manuel Tejada, 37, died Tuesday afternoon when the motorcycle he was riding collided with a sport utility vehicle in Bani, a city in the southern part of the Dominican Republic."

It was a rough day for the former American League MVP. If the Justice Department finds evidence that proves he lied, Tejada could be in a world of hurt. In an intial interview during the first Congressional Steroid Hearings, this encounter (according to a letter to the US General Attorney obtained by News Services) between Tejada and the panel took place:

"Has there been discussion among other players about steroids?" a committee staffer asked, according to the letter.

"No, I never heard," Tejada replied.

"You never knew of any other player using steroids?" Tejada was asked.

"No," he replied.

"Have you ever taken a steroid before?" he was asked at another point.

"No," he said.

Tejada also answered "No" when asked whether he had ever taken any illegal performance-enhancing drugs, andro or any other steroid precursor.

However, according to the Mitchell Report, ex-Athletic teammate Adam Piatt recalled conversations with Tejada regarding Performance Enhancing Drugs.
The report also contains two checks from Tejada to Piatt (for $3,100 and $3,200) as evidence that such encounter/transaction occured in the past.